eBee Envisions Mobility in the Year 2020

Automotive supplier Visteon is among many companies that clearly understand the importance of advanced electronics in future automobiles. The firm recently illustrated this with its e-Bee concept car that envisions mobility in the year 2020.

The eBee concept aims to explore new and alternative ways of using a vehicle from private ownership to car sharing and short-term rentals. It’s set up to take advantage of diverse powertrains including electric and hybrid power, using such innovations as an HVAC (heating/ventilation/air conditioning) system integrating smart energy technology to conserve energy. The system includes an electric compressor, interior pre-conditioning to conserve on-board battery power, and a cooled shopping box in the trunk.

The car’s sustainably-designed interior uses bio-based resin, hybrid natural fiber, and recyclable expanded polypropylene materials that address environmental performance and reduce weight.

The real story of the e-Bee is its advanced electronics…and there’s loads of it on board. Its driver interface includes a main display for journey information with two smaller touch screens on either side of the steering wheel, the latter providing vehicle controls and interaction with social connections. A projected head-down display provides driving information. Images from a 180-degree rear-view camera are shown in lieu of a rear view mirror.

Each occupant has a personal headrest-mounted audio system, door-mounted wireless charging bays for their electronics, and door-mounted control modules to adjust individual climate zones. User preferences stored in the Cloud set a driver’s preferences upon entry, defining the look and layout of the car’s displays and interior colors.

Clip-on modules like cup holders, cameras, and wireless charging devices – known as ‘physical apps’ – can be added by users to fit their needs and style sensibilities as desired.