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The 20 Year Journey of Plug-In Hybrids

Plug-in hybrids generated interest two decades ago as we faced the same energy, climate, and political issues as today. Here’s perspective from our archives.

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EPA's EV Rules are Out of Whack

EPA and the Biden administration moved the goalposts with its proposed greenhouse gas emissions rules for light-duty vehicles covering model years 2027-2032.

Demand is Surging for Affordable Electric Vehicles

There’s a disconnect in the automotive market as manufacturers focus on larger EVs rather than smaller and more affordable electric vehicles buyers want.

Corvette E-Ray Waves the Green Flag

The Corvette E-Ray sports a high-performance hybrid powertrain, paving a new way for speed and sustainability

Kia EV9 is Sci-Fi Personified

The new 2024 Kia EV9 is half science fiction and half practical family cruiser, a strategy that creates a whole new path for Kia.

Running an EV Company in a Disruptive World

Karma Automotive President Marques McCammon shares insight on the electric vehicle field’s disruption and differentiators that help define a brand.

Ron Cogan behind the wheel

Caution Signs Ahead for Electric Vehicles

Many assume we’re heading for an electric vehicle future that will unfold according to plan. History has some contrary lessons to share.

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A Total Energy Meter for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle trailblazer Alan Cocconi has devised an EV total energy meter to more accurately predict driving range. He invites automakers to use it.

Sustainable Mobility: Energizing the Next Generation

Schaeffler’s e-mobility transformation answers the call for systems to power next generation vehicles.

New BMW 5 Series Electrifies

Featuring tons of new tech and a more dynamic style, the all-new BMW 5 Series also enters a new era with two exciting electric variants.

Carroll Shelby Was an Environmentalist. Who Knew?

In 2003, legendary racer Carroll Shelby met with Green Car Journal publisher Ron Cogan for a candid conversation on cars, the environment, and the road ahead.

All-New Electric Honda e:Ny1

A close look at the Honda e:Ny1 reveals a stature and design that makes it a spiritual sibling to the automaker’s popular gas-powered HR-V.

2024 Ford Ranger Ups the Ante

The stakes are officially raised with the redesigned 2024 Ford Ranger set to take the stage late this summer.

Electric Commercial Vehicles Earn Top Awards

Freightliner eM2 wins Commercial Green Truck of the Year as electric commercial vehicles sweep the 2023 Green Car Awards.

2025 RAM 1500 REV Electric

Impressive specs and a contemporary design are sure to make the new 2025 RAM 1500 REV a fierce contender in a hot electric pickup market.

VW ID.7 Electric Car Aims at Tesla

Boasting new tech and appealing style, the Volkswagen ID.7 electric car will have the greatest stars on the EV stage in its sights when it arrives next year.

New Kona Electric Has a Cool Factor

The all-new 2024 Kona Electric is designed with the future in mind, sitting atop a platform developed with electric propulsion a priority.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept-E Hybrid

We’ve always liked the style of Mitsubishi’s sporty Eclipse, but it was the Eclipse Concept-E that set us back on our heels. Can you say…470 hp hybrid supercar?

The Built Environment’s Role in Zero-Carbon Mobility

Decarbonization of Transportation in the U.S. Requires an Investment in Our Infrastructure

GM’s Next Generation Sequel FCEV

GM’s Sequel FCEV was ahead of its time, forwarding an array of advanced technologies along with zero-emission hydrogen and battery electric power.

Hydrogen Plays a Key Role in Decarbonization

Complementary fuels, technologies, and strategies are needed to achieve net zero goals. CHBC Executive Director Katrina Fritz shares why hydrogen is crucial.

Driving Steer-by-Wire in the Lexus RZ

Driving the steer-by-wire Lexus RZ with its aircraft-like steering was easy. Much easier, it turns out, than driving a Saab with a sidestick controller.

Federal Biofuels Research Accelerates Decarbonization

Amid bold climate goals, it takes strategic funding, systematic research, and a clear roadmap to quickly lower the carbon footprint across all modes.

The Many Advantages of Electrifying Fleets

Electric vans can slash a commercial fleet’s maintenance and repair costs. Steve Hornyak, CCO and Executive Director at BrightDrop, shares how.

How Ford Pro Optimizes Fleet Efficiency

Ford Pro’s David Prusinski sees a single software platform as key to managing data and keeping track of all aspects of fleet efficiency.

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