Our Mission: Driving Toward a More Sustainable Future

Cars of Change aims to inform and entertain as it also provides food for thought. Our editors have been doing this for many years through the pages of Green Car Journal and other publications.

We are veteran writers and auto enthusiasts driven to make a difference. Cars are important to us….we hope they’re important to you. In our view they are more than simply conveyances for traveling from one point to another. We believe in the joy of driving…the freedom that personal transportation provides and the ability, on a whim, to get behind the wheel and experience the thrill of the open road.

Just as we acknowledged the growing importance of ‘green’ technologies and fuels with the first issue of Green Car Journal in 1992, Cars of Change signals recognition that the cars of today are being influenced in ways large and small by advanced electronics and the movement of data. The ‘smart’ cars we’ve written about for years are among us. Sophisticated electronics, on-board computers, and cloud computing are improving the efficiency and safety of our vehicles, while also providing enhanced entertainment and connecting us to the world in ever-expanding ways.

It’s not lost on us that addressing the challenges of today – increasing fuel efficiency, decreasing CO2 and tailpipe emissions, lessening petroleum dependence, and improving environmental impact – is crucial or the cars we enjoy today may not be around in recognizable form for coming generations. We don’t want that to happen. So, we test new vehicles and technologies, we analyze, and we make sense of the ever-changing automotive landscape so we can share what we find with you. Then, we do more.

We’ve always believed it essential to hear diverse voices so we can carefully weigh what’s important as we move toward an evolving transportation future. That’s why we include perspectives from auto industry and technology leaders, and importantly, views from the nation’s leading environmental groups. Consider what they all have to say. Learn about the latest vehicles, fuels, and technologies through our articles. Come to understand the direction in which we are heading and whether this makes sense to you. Then act on it…by sharing your views with others, communicating with our political leaders, or simply driving a vehicle that reflects the values you feel important. When enough of us do this we are actively encouraging cars of change.


Ron Cogan, Editor and Publisher 


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