Mercedes-Benz says it will be bringing Car-to-X technology to the highway by the end of this year, enabling the exchange of information between similarly-equipped vehicles as well as between vehicles and traffic infrastructure. The move is part of Daimler AG’s ‘Intelligent Drive’ strategy’ that will make use of Car-to-X communication to alert drivers of potential traffic hazards so appropriate action can be taken to avoid accidents at an early stage.

Car-to-X technology expands the scope of existing vehicle sensors, such as radar or camera systems, reducing blind spots and enabling drivers to see around corners or beyond obstacles. According to Daimler, the goal is to expand the telematic horizon with ready-to-market base technology now that will enable a new generation of driver assistance systems to be developed in the future.

Safety and convenience are primary targets for Daimler’s Car-to-X technology. By using precise information on traffic conditions available via Car-to-X communication, the technology can also help improve traffic flow by controlling traffic lights. Plus, looking forward, the technology will also help further development of Daimler’s autonomous driving functions.

Mercedes’ Drive Kit Plus, in combination with a smartphone and the automaker’s Digital DriveStyle app, will provide simultaneous transmission and reception of information. Daimler says it is using a mobile communication-based approach because it promises to offer the quickest way to deploy this future technology and exploit the safety potential of Car-to-X technology. Importantly, a modular approach means that retrofitting Car-to-X technology to many Mercedes-Benz models is possible.