Honda Commits to 75,000 Clarity EVs

2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In HybridHonda sees long-term viability in vehicle electrification and is supporting this with its introduction of the Clarity EV trifecta. Honda is the first automotive manufacture to offer three variants of electrification on one manufacturing platform – in the form of its Clarity Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Clarity EV, and Clarity Plug-In sedans.

The 3-in-1 Clarity launches Honda’s journey toward an admittedly lofty goal of 75 percent fleet electrification by model year 2030. According to American Honda General Manager Jeff Conrad, offering consumers a choice of three electrified options in a premium five-passenger mainstream vehicle is key to success in an electric vehicle market challenged by “cheaper than bottled water gasoline.”

With a stated best-in-class 40 mile electric only drive range and hundreds of miles in hybrid mode after that, Honda anticipates its 2017 Clarity plug in hybrid to be the best seller in the Clarity lineup. Pricing and availability will be announced shortly.  Read our first drive impressions of Honda’s Clarity Fuel Cell sedan here.

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