Der neue Volkswagen e-GolfVolkswagen has called for greater state and federal government support to bolster the next level of adoption of electric vehicles. At the 2015 Electric Drive Congress in Washington D.C., VW product marketing and strategy VP Jörg Sommer pointed out that automakers have largely delivered the electric vehicles that can satisfy the needs of most drivers, but also said more is needed. VW is investing $10 million in electric vehicle charging infrastructure by 2016 with other companies and industries also making significant EV infrastructure investments. Still, Sommer says that continuing legislative support is needed to accomplish strategic electric vehicle goals.

Specifically, VW would like to see federal financing support for creating fast charge networks along interstate corridors and in urban areas. It is also calling for a greater commitment on the part of state and federal organizations to buy battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, with federal purchasing guidelines that support this by giving fleet purchasers greater flexibility. Also on VW’s radar is additional congressional support with the mid-term review of EPA’s greenhouse gas regulation, with the aim of extending plug-in vehicle multiplier credits beyond the 2021 model year.