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2021 Seltos

Kia Seltos: A ‘Right Sized’ Crossover

‘Right-sized’ crossover SUVs are clearly a hot trend these days, as evidenced by the many downsized models that proliferate on our highways. Happily, gone are the days when legions of massive SUVs with single drivers jammed roadways and parking lots.


Honda HR-V an Exceptional, Efficient CUV

Positioned below the Honda CR-V in size and price, Honda’s new HR-V compact crossover aims to attract buyers with its coupe-like styling, SUV functionality,  and of course the quality and dependability of a Honda. The HR-V is based on the Honda


Chevy’s Trax Crossover is Right-Sized, Fun, and Thrifty

Chevy’s 2015 Trax subcompact SUV offers a new choice for those who want the functionality of an urban-friendly crossover with higher fuel efficiency. With an overall length of 168.4 inches and a smaller physical footprint than many crossovers, it also