2019 Transit Connect Van

New Transit Connect a Great Fleet Vehicle

Ford’s Transit Connect, named Green Car Journal’s 2019 Commercial Green Car of the Year™ at the San Antonio Auto & Truck Show, is available in both cargo van and wagon variations. This popular commercial vehicle emerges as an all-new generation in

2016 Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect: Flexible & Efficient

It used to be that light-duty commercial vans were all pretty much alike – boxy, unexciting, and devoid of the kind of features we expect in our everyday vehicles. That all changed six years ago when Ford brought its European

Propel Biodiesel Station

Fast Forward in Fueling

For most Americans, our transportation choices are limited to the fuels offered at the local gas station. For generations, regular gas stations served our needs pretty well, but America’s transportation needs are changing. Every day we learn about new choices

E85 Days of Summer Tour on the Campus of SMU in Dallas

The Importance of Ethanol Fuel

The development and growth of the U.S. ethanol industry over the course of several decades has had concrete impacts on every day Americans. It is helping more than 400,000 of our friends and neighbors find work or keep the jobs

New Yellow Gas Cap on E85 Capable 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche

A Tropical Take on Greener Cars

After spending four months in São Paulo, I’m taking a more expansive view of feasible policy options. Car ownership is still low in Brazil, but in wealthy São Paulo it’s far higher and growing at breakneck speed. Daily paralysis of