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Honda Ridgeline: Better and Badder

Honda’s Ridgeline has presented a departure from conventional pickups since its introduction just over a decade ago. Now, after a hiatus of several years, Honda has brought an all-new Ridgeline back into its lineup with features that make the model


Ram ProMaster City Van Delivers

The Ram ProMaster City, a new model on U.S. highways made possible by the international depth of Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles, is distinguished in many ways. This was underscored at the 2015 San Antonio Auto Show with its win of Green Car

Honda Eco Assist

Honda’s Eco Assist Makes You a More Efficient Driver

There are two basic ways to maximum mpg – have a fuel efficient vehicle and drive your vehicle efficiently. Honda’s Eco Assist does both. Eco Assist, short for ‘Ecological Drive Assist System,’ performs two basic functions. First, there is a

Gas Price Sign

Change at the Pump

Due to our rigorous vehicle test schedule here at Green Car Journal, we are very aware of the fluctuating pattern of fuel prices. Fuel economy testing requires regular and sometimes daily fill-ups. This past week was telling. The price of