Nissan celebrates Star Wars Day with launch of ‘Solo: A Star W

Connected to the Road

Connected technology and advanced driver safety systems are all the rage. Once the domain of high-end cars, in growing numbers these systems are making their way to entry-level models. Their technology is advanced and capabilities amazing.

2018 Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid

Autonomous and ‘Green’

There is a strong push for self-driving autonomous cars sweeping the auto industry. It’s an interesting mix of competing companies merging with both the traditional car brands and the tech industry. The overriding assumption is that taking the driver out


Automated Cars: Our Driving Future?

Just about every major automaker is developing automated vehicle technology. Experts predict we’ll see the first highly automated production vehicles by 2020 with fully automated cars expected by 2025. Automation will come incrementally with more of these technologies becoming available