2016 Nissan Titan Pro 4X

Titan XD: 1/2 Ton Friendly HD Pickup

Standard half-ton pickup or heavy-duty variant? That’s the question often faced by those needing a pickup for commercial use, combined personal/business activity, or heavy-duty towing. It’s a tough choice because heavy-duty pickups really do offer levels of functionality that typically

Chevy Cruze Diesel

A Future for Diesel Passenger Vehicles

Diesel haters seem to be overly anxious to pile-on and shout ‘death to diesels’ these days. It’s human nature to take offense at being fooled and the diesel market certainly is paying the price of the recent emissions scandal. Serious

2015 Ford Focus ST

Ford Offers EcoBoost Performance Mods

It’s well understood that Ford’s EcoBoost engines combine direct injection, variable valve timing, and turbocharging to achieve impressive power and high efficiency. While these advanced engines deliver the acceleration and high fuel economy desired in mainstream models, EcoBoost engines also power