Chevy Spark Aims Young and Urban

Chevy’s newest subcompact, the Chevy Spark, is the smallest Chevy yet. This mini machine comfortably fits four average sized humans in ways better than you’d expect, even though it’s one of the smallest four-door vehicles you can purchase today. Powered by a 1.2-liter Ecotec four-cylinder engine and choice of a standard five-speed manual or optional four-speed automatic, at 38 highway mpg the Spark is an economical, youth-oriented vehicle for entry-level buyers.

Clearly, Chevy engineers did their home­work on this one with engaging high-tech electronics that not only connect with your iPhone and other mobile devices, but also deliver systems that don’t require such devices to serve your infotainment needs. Can’t get your Apple maps to load? Spark’s Chevy MyLink infotainment system lets you find your way. No iTunes account? The Spark’s LT2 trim level option features access to Pandora and Stitcher, Bluetooth, and navigation guidance. It’s obvious that Chevy researched its audience – one that requires entertainment and electronic features without a big fiscal impact. Neck-snapping acceleration? Not a required app here.

That’s not to say the Spark is boring to drive. While not overly-equipped with power with a mere 85 horsepower, this audience will likely be more than happy with this car’s performance…and in urban environ­ments it should be perfectly at home. Light and agile, the Spark is great for city driving and a breeze to park, requiring very little room since its physical footprint is but 144 inches long and 63 inches wide. The interior is simple and centered around easy access and review of the electronics. As an impres­sive safety benefit, the interior features 10 air bags – great news for parents!

Chevrolet has always offered vehicles directed at the entry-level buyer. The Chevy Spark is the latest in its lineup of affordable machines with a base price of just $12,995 for the LT1 trim level. The LT2 boosts the price slightly but still delivers a nicely-appointed Spark that will fit most budgets. Fuel-efficient and loaded with electronics, time will tell if Chevy has guessed right on this one. We believe that will be the case.


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