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All-New Electric Honda e:Ny1

by Matt NelsonMay 25, 2023
A close look at the Honda e:Ny1 reveals a stature and design that makes it a spiritual sibling to the automaker’s popular gas-powered HR-V.
Side view of electric Honda e:Ny1.

Honda recently unveiled its e:Ny1 electric crossover, the first EV model based on the automaker’s all-new e:N Architecture F platform. The oddly named e:Ny1 is important because it shares Honda’s evolving EV design language and shows a direction that includes electrifying smaller and lighter models. That said, the Honda e:Ny1 holds less importance to drivers in the U.S. since it will be sold exclusively in Europe and Japan. Still, given the overall similarity of this Honda EV to the automaker’s HR-V, it isn’t a stretch to imagine a similar electric model destined for our shores.

Holding to Honda’s usual tradition, the e:Ny1 blends both a conservative and reserved appearance with splashes of chiseled and chunky sportiness peppered throughout. At the front, the e:Ny1 features slim and flat headlights that wrap in from the front fenders with angular LED running lights at the top. Separating the headlights is a matte-finished panel with charging status lights, and below that we find a large chargeport port door that’s well integrated into the overall front end design. Two discrete LED fog lights are located at the bottom of the bumper, with a thin strip of chrome beneath that runs the width of the front fascia. 

Front detail of the electric Honda e:Ny1.

Honda e:Ny1: Compact, Sleek, Stylish

The Honda e:Ny1 features a high belt line and flanks that are sleek and smooth save for a creased line along the top and bottom of the doors. Black side-mirror caps, wheel arches, and window trim reveal sporty undertones, reinforced by thin-spoke alloy wheels with black accents. At the rear, a subtle roof spoiler extends slightly above the rear window, curving in at the sides. A red LED light bar runs the width of the rear hatch with two slim taillights at either end. A single, sharp body line runs just beneath with a typeface Honda badge.

A stylish and techy interior greets the driver. While Honda has yet to divulge details about the array of onboard systems to be featured in the e:Ny1, we do note the inclusion of a 10.2 inch digital instrument cluster facing the driver and a 15.1 inch portrait-style infotainment screen at the center of the dash. The infotainment screen is split into three sections with navigation and related applications at the top, entertainment and vehicle functions mid-screen, and climate information and selections at the bottom. Colored LED accents are inset in the doors and dashboard, with two-tone stitching adding a sporty touch to the dash and door upholstery. The center console, window switch panels, and steering wheel showcase gloss black-finished accents. Leather upholstery on all seating surfaces is 50 percent thicker and treated to increase softness for added passenger comfort.

Stylish cabin of the Honda e:Ny1 electric car.

Nicely Appointed Cabin

Rear seating in the e:Ny1 is very similar to that of the HR-V but without the ability to fold the rear seats flat, which impacts total available cargo area and limits carrying capacity to 11.3 cubic feet. The cargo area itself is also very similar to the HR-V, although employing a new smart-close capability that allows activating the self-closing hatch and walking away before it begins closing.

Power ratings are adequate with the e:Ny1 producing 201 horsepower and 229 lb-ft torque using a single-motor driving the front wheels. A 68.8 kWh battery pack is said to deliver a European WLTP drive cycle range estimate of 256 miles. Because of the fundamental differences in how WLPT and EPA testing measures EV range, that number would likely translate to about 200 miles of electric driving here in the States. Fast-charging via the car’s front-mounted chargeport is said to replenish the battery from 10 to 80 percent in about 45 minutes, somewhat slower than many other EVs at similar price points. 

Rear view of the electric Honda e:Ny1 electric car.

The Honda e:Ny1 is set to be delivered to dealers in Europe and Japan late this year, with pricing expected to begin at a USD equivalent of about $40,000.