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VW ID.7 Electric Car Aims at Tesla

by Matt NelsonMay 1, 2023
Boasting new tech and appealing style, the Volkswagen ID.7 electric car will have the greatest stars on the EV stage in its sights when it arrives next year.
Rear view of Volkswagen ID.7 electric car driving on highway.

VW unveiled its ID.7 electric car concept in January of this year, sporting a vivid QR code-themed electro-luminescent paint job that caused quite a stir in the automotive world. Back then, we couldn’t make much of the styling due to that vibrant QR camouflage. Now though, the production ID.7 has been revealed.

The ID.7 shares its roots with the growing Volkswagen ID line that was introduced in 2019 with the release of the small Volkswagen ID.3 electric car, followed by other ID models sold in offshore markets and the ID.4 sold here in the States. The ID.7, along with the rest of the ID line, utilizes the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform designed specifically for electric vehicles.

Side view of the Volkswagen ID.7 electric car.

ID.7 Electric Car Has Style

One word comes to mind when looking at the Volkswagen ID.7: sleek. There’s a definite flow to the exterior design, starting with the subtle sportiness of the front end and front fascia that’s accented by an angular low-mounted black grille. Discrete LED running lights visually connect the ID.7’s LED headlights together, separated only by a VW badge at the center.

Along the sides of the ID.7, one notices an angular and flowing design with a crisp body line cutting across the lower quarter of the car, accented by a smooth, curved body line through the center of both doors and another finishing at the top of the doors, just under the windows. A slim, white color accent runs the length of the roofline above the windows and comes to an end near the rear deck. Adding to the car’s subtle sportiness is a black roof and black under-trimming that runs the entirety of the car. A large and angular wheel design with a dash of black on the inner spokes is standard on the ID.7.

Overhead view of Volkswagen ID.7 electric car.

A Pair of Powertrain Choices

At the rear is a black honeycomb-inspired rear light bar that spans the width of the trunk. A slim, continuous red reflector strip is present near the bottom of the rear end, nestled in the black under-trimming. The sedan-like ID.7 is technically a hatchback, but it’s hard to notice upon close inspection. The rear window meets the trunk lid almost instantly and a small integrated trunk lid spoiler adds to the sweeping design. 

Two power choices will be available with early models featuring single motor rear-wheel drive and dual motor AWD coming later. The base power option will deliver 286 horsepower and 402 lb-ft torque with energy from a 77.0 kWh battery pack. A larger 86.0 kWh battery option will also be offered, though VW doesn’t yet specify horsepower and torque numbers for this. Volkswagen identifies the ID.7’s range at 382 miles on the more optimistic European WLTP testing cycle, so expect something more like 300 miles of range here with the smaller battery, and up to 350 miles with the larger battery, once EPA testing takes place. The ID.7 is fast charge-capable and drivers should expect the ID.7 to charge its battery from 10 to 80 percent in about 25 minutes using a public fast charge station.

Chargeport on the Volkswagen ID.7 electric car.

Driver-Centric Experience

Inside the ID.7 is an attractive and contemporary interior. Volkswagen’s usual formula for its interior design is minimalist yet fully functional, and the ID.7 is no exception. Taking center stage is a 15-inch infotainment screen designed to appear as if it's floating. Ahead of the driver sits a small, horizontally-oriented display indicating vehicle speed, charge level, and range.

Synthetic leather and recycled materials are used throughout the interior. Front seats feature generous side and back bolstering. Optional for the ID.7 are adaptive Climatronic ‘wellness seats’ that are heated and cooled, massage capable, and feature a drying function, the latter something we haven’t seen in an EV to date. A large center console with ample storage separates the front passengers. Climate vents are plentiful and seamlessly integrated into the dash architecture. Another hallmark of the ID.7’s interior is the optional panoramic SmartGlass roof, which has the ability to turn from transparent to opaque using an electrochromic charge, controlled by touch or voice control.

Instrument panel in the Volkswagen ID.7 electric car.

Tech Rich ID.7 Electric Car

Tech is in abundant supply in the ID.7. The 15-inch infotainment screen handles nearly all functions and features an aesthetically pleasing backlit touch slider at the bottom for navigating between selections. ID.7 also incorporates Volkswagen’s IDA voice assistant. Most operations can be handled by using the IDA, including panoramic roof operation and navigation, among others. An array of driver assist functions are offered including Travel Assist, a semi-autonomous driving feature supporting lane changing at speeds above 55 mph, keeping a preset distance from the vehicle ahead, and maintaining a set speed. The car can also park itself using VW’s We Connect ID smartphone app. An available Harman Kardon option to the standard sound system showcases 14 speakers, along with a centrally-located speaker in the dashboard and a 12-inch subwoofer in the rear cargo area. 

The Volkswagen ID.7 is entering the EV world at a time when Tesla dominates the all-electric sedan market, so Tesla is clearly in this model’s sights. While pricing for the ID.7 won’t be disclosed until closer to the model’s on sale date, expect it to be at a competitive level that makes the ID.7 an attractive and feature rich option to Tesla’s Model 3.