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The 20 Year Journey of Plug-In Hybrids

Plug-in hybrids generated interest two decades ago as we faced the same energy, climate, and political issues as today. Here’s perspective from our archives.

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EPA's EV Rules are Out of Whack

EPA and the Biden administration moved the goalposts with its proposed greenhouse gas emissions rules for light-duty vehicles covering model years 2027-2032.

Demand is Surging for Affordable Electric Vehicles

There’s a disconnect in the automotive market as manufacturers focus on larger EVs rather than smaller and more affordable electric vehicles buyers want.

Corvette E-Ray Waves the Green Flag

The Corvette E-Ray sports a high-performance hybrid powertrain, paving a new way for speed and sustainability

Kia EV9 is Sci-Fi Personified

The new 2024 Kia EV9 is half science fiction and half practical family cruiser, a strategy that creates a whole new path for Kia.

Running an EV Company in a Disruptive World

Karma Automotive President Marques McCammon shares insight on the electric vehicle field’s disruption and differentiators that help define a brand.

Ron Cogan behind the wheel

Caution Signs Ahead for Electric Vehicles

Many assume we’re heading for an electric vehicle future that will unfold according to plan. History has some contrary lessons to share.

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Connected to the Road

Connected technology and advanced driver safety systems are all the rage. Once the domain of high-end cars, in growing numbers these systems are making their way to entry-level models. Their technology is advanced and capabilities amazing.

Driven: Lexus ES 300h

The all-new 2019 ES 300h is a welcome evolution of Lexus’ approachable luxury sedan. It offers handsome style, a quiet and comfortable interior, and good performance. Importantly, this hybrid is less than a $2,000 step up from its gas counterpart.

RAM 1500 Mild Hybrid

RAM’s debut of its 2019 RAM 1500 has more than satisfied the expectations of pickup fans who have been awaiting this new-generation model. It’s tough. It’s handsome. And it boasts all the right specs for the segment…plus mild hybrid power.

Cars are Getting Smarter

The advent of smart sensors and sophisticated on-board technology is making today's vehicles smarter and safer to drive.

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